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The classes are arranged according to the weather and sea conditions, and the confirmation of attendance must be done until 9 pm of the day in which it is made the booking. Booking of the surf course is confirmed by International Surf School either in writing, email or verbally. In the case of late telephone bookings, when written/email confirmation is not possible in time then the agreement is a verbal contract. When making a booking with International Surf School you are confirming that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions.

Exceptions to these terms and conditions cannot be made for any reason as we run an extremely high quality, tight margin program with limited spaces. 


​In the rare event that International Surf School considers conditions to be unsuitable for your activity we will make all efforts to reschedule your lesson.

Credit for any lessons owed can be used within one year from the date of the cancelled lesson. Any lessons owed must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. 



Surfing carry a degree of risk both to people and property, even if enjoyed under proper supervision by qualified instructors. 


All participants must make us aware of any medical conditions, illnesses or allergies they may have and any prescribed medication they are taking. Online applications must complete an enrolment form before they will be allowed to take part in any listed activities. Parents or guardians must sign for participants who are under 17 years of age. International Surf School does not accept any liability for any loss caused by failure to complete the declaration.

All participants must be able to swim at least 25 metres unless agreed by senior instructors. In no circumstances should participants be under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or medication at the time of the lesson which may adversely affect their physical abilities. 

All participants must agree to abide by all instructions and decisions that International Surf School and its instructors make. Participants will have the use of International Surf School equipment during their lessons. Whereas International Surf School takes all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and good condition of that equipment, participants are responsible for immediately reporting any damage caused to the equipment or which becomes apparent whilst the equipment is in their possession. 

International Surf School does not seek to limit or exclude any liability for personal injury or loss of life which may occur as a result of its own negligence or that of its employees, officers or agents. However, International Surf School assumes no liability in respect of any personal injury, loss, damage, consequential loss or third party claims which occur through no fault of its own, its employees, officers or agents. All other liability or conditions implied by law are excluded to the fullest extent possible. 
When the school takes full responsibility for the cancellation of a class (or part of it) the amount will be refunded according to each situation.


It is considered missing (given class) when the student does not attend the class, and has confirmed its presence in advance. 
None of this reasons will be valid to justify no-shows: 

● old injuries or new ones with external (to the surf lessons) causes; 
● any kind of disease; 
● sun burns and similar; 
● bad weather or bad sea conditions; 
● flights delays or cancellations; 
● any kind of inability external to the surf lessons. 
Students should report cases of delay, and when it exceeds 15 minutes of appointment, will be classified as no-show (given class). 


In the initiation classes, all the equipment (wetsuit, lycra, board, wax) are provided by the school, except for the towel, that must be brought by the student. If a student wants to use his own equipment , it is possible, but the surf lesson rate will still be the same. 
For hygiene reasons, when a wetsuit is provided by the school the student must use underwear / swimwear. 
The student is responsible for any damage occurring in the equipment provided, when it is shown that it was made by negligence and / or undue use. 

PAYMENT of the full amount of course fee is due at the time of booking. Payment by cash at our office or by bank transfer minimum 1 week before starting the lesson. The person submitting the booking accepts responsibility for payment for everyone listed in the booking and is responsible for ensuring that all other persons listed in the booking are aware of the terms and conditions. 

PENALTIES FOR DAMAGE / PARTIAL OR TOTAL LOSS OF EQUIPMENT HIRED It is considered damage: Any hole, cuts, shreds or bumps in any part of the surf boards, fins or leash It is considered total loss: Any equipment or part of equipment that is returned broken and / or unusable, with changed parts such as fins, leashes, deck or bottom painted or altered in any way.   

Equipment                     Damage                                 Total loss 
Softboard                25€ (each ding up to 5cm)               350€ 
Hardboard              25€ (each ding up to 5cm)               350€ 
Bodyboard              20€ (each ding up to 5cm)                 75€ 
Leash                                                                                    25€ 
Fin plugs                 20€ each
Fin boxes                30€ each  
Fins                         20€                                                       30€
Wetsuit                   25€ (if fixable)                                     100€ 
Swimming fins                                                                      45€ 



International Surf School will make every effort to arrange any changes requested after the booking has been confirmed, but you have to provide us with all necessary information in advance - before the course start date. Any changes are subject to availability of course dates. In the case where your group size drops in numbers from the original booking we must receive notification of this in due time and in writing / email. If the changes are less than 7 days prior to the lesson you will be responsible for paying the full balance on the original booking. In exceptional and extenuating circumstances we may waiver the above. i.e. bereavement, serious illness. 
If you receive a fixed budget for your group when the booking formalizes, the full value will be charged. 


All cancellations must be sent in writing / email wherever possible and will be effective on the date which they are received by International Surf School. Cancellation charges are payable as follows: Over 7 days before lesson date: 15% of the deposit will be refunded . Less than 7 days before lesson date: 100% of total cost payable. Gift vouchers are non-refundable but can be transferred to different recipients, valid for 1 year from date of purchase. The bookings with vouchers are under confirmation according to the surf school availability. Non-shows will be charged in full for the lesson, with no exceptions. 


The prices on our website are valid at the time of publication. International Surf School reserves the right to increase or reduce any of these prices any time. 


These conditions form a contract between us which will be construed in accordance with Portuguese Law and it is agreed between us that each will submit to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts. 



Booking: After receiving your reservation request, we will contact you within 24 hours and all the necessary information will be provided to make the deposit reserve. 
Confirmation: After the payment of a deposit, you will receive a confirmation email and the remaining instructions. We can only guarantee your booking after payment of the due deposit. 
If you want to modify your reservation: after being confirmed, (ex: dates, names) you must contact us immediately by email/phone. We will try to modify your reservation but we do not guarantee success. Cancellation fees may be applied. 


The payment data are provided after the reservation request. Once you make the transfer, it’s necessary to send us (by email) the official receipt or a print screen as a proof. 


After the confirmation being made, as mentioned above, we accept cancellations in the following cases: Up to 30 days before arrival we refund the full amount of the deposit reserve. Until 15 days we charge 50% of the deposit. Less than 15 days, we do not refund the deposit. 


Check-in takes place from 2:00 pm on and check-out until 11.00 am (if the guest stays in accommodation after 11.00 it will be charged an extra day). Check-in is possible at any time after the hours mentioned, provided that the customer informs us the date and time of arrival in advance. 
All expenses included in the initial must be paid during the check-in (or on the day after if the guest arrives after the office closing times), the extras such surf lessons, rentals, extra nights or others must be paid at maximum two days before departure. International Surf School & Camp is not responsible for any theft or robbery that occurs within our property. We are not responsible for the personal property of customers during the stay, wherever they are. The customer is fully responsible for its own goods. The International Surf School & Camp recommends that you lock your room when you leave.

Do not damage any structure or object of International Surf School & Camp. Customers must inform the surf base if there is any damage to the structure or objects of International Surf School & Camp. Keep the place tidy and clean after use. Do not throw toilet paper into the toilet (because it can clog) please put it in the bin. Do not make noise after 10 pm unless everyone is ok with that. Respect your roommate. Respect other guests. 




Equipment hire requires the deposit of a valid ID (Passport, Identity Card or Driver’s Licence) or a deposit of 350€ (only cash). Payment of equipment hire is made in cash before using it. Hired equipment must be returned without damages. Penalties apply for damages caused to equipment, according to the table below. Returning equipment beyond hired period implies an extra payment according to extra rental time. International Surf School WILL NOT REFUND returning of equipment before the end hired period for any reason. 

Statement of responsibility: Equipment hire usage is of the exclusive responsibility of the customer and International Surf school & camp insurance does NOT cover equipment damages and/or robbery and/or total loss as well as any injuries suffered or inflicted to third parties. 


It is considered damage: Any hole, cuts, shreds or bumps in any part of the surfboards, fins or leash. 
It is considered total loss: Any equipment or part of the equipment that is returned broken and/or unusable, with changed parts such as fins, leashes, deck or bottom painted or altered in any way. 

Equipment             Damage                                         Total loss 
Softboard               25€ (each ding up to 5cm)               350€ 
Hardboard             25€ (each ding up to 5cm)               350€ 
Bodyboard             20€ (each ding up to 5cm)                 75€ 
Leash                                                                                    25€ 
Fin plugs                 20€ each
Fin boxes                30€ each  
Fins                         20€                                                       30€
Wetsuit                   25€ (if fixable)                                     100€ 
Swimming fins                                                                       45€ 


The prices on our website are valid at the time of publication. International Surf School reserves the right to (change) increase or reduce any of these prices any time. 


These conditions form a contract between us which will be construed in accordance with Portuguese Law and it is agreed between us that each will submit to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts.




Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of International Surf School's website it is intended only as a guide to the services it provides and International Surf School is relieved of any liability due to any errors or omissions it may contain, or any minor discrepancies between the website's content and that service. Any likeness or image of you secured or taken on any of our courses or holidays may be used by us without charge in all media for genuine promotional or marketing purposes. This includes promotional materials of any kind, such as brochures, leaflets, videos and the internet. If you would prefer not to be used in any promotional materials please inform us in writing prior to your course

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The terms “International Surf School”, "we" and "our" as used in this Agreement refer to International Surf School - the owner of this website with a registered office in Aldeamento de São Vicente, Bloco B - 1ºF. 8650-391 Sagres. Our NIPC (company fiscal number) is PT508511640.

The term “you” refers to the user or viewer of our website.
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