A Private Surf Lesson is ideal if you´re looking to make the most out of your time.

Exclusive undivided attention on you, with a lesson tailored to your needs, at the time and place that better suits your skills, which will make you achieve your goals faster.

Perfect for beginners to have a quick start, but also if you´re stuck on an intermediate plateau and want to push your performance.​


1 TO 1.

Being one to one with the instructor allows them to give you personalised feedback at all times. They can tailor the lesson to suit your needs - whether it's pushing harder to step up to the next level, adding exercises and technique drills, or giving you more knowledge and understanding of how and why we do what we do.


Private lessons are suitable for all levels. They can give the perfect quick start for the first-timer, make the difference in breaking through the plateau for those who find themselves a little stuck, or really fine tune and hone techniques for the more advanced surfer.  


If you would like, we can also add video analysis to your Private Lesson. Video is one of the most useful teaching aids available and will help you to see and understand better exactly what points you need to focus to keep improving. We can couple this with a comprehensive evaluation plan so that the progression doesn't have to stop at the end of the lesson.

Most of the times the surf lessons take place on wild beaches with no infrastructure so don’t forget your lunch box, some water, and sun protection. Click here to check out our price list.