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International Surf School Sagres is proud to announce that in partnership with the Active4surf project, will offer one week retreat of surf formation for beginner/beginner intermediate surfers, limited and dedicated to 4 students and including 25 contact hours.

What's Included?
  • 7 nights accommodation

  • 2 meals a day and a full snack to take to the beach (except Wednesday, day off)

  • 2 hours of surf lesson per day with International Surf School (depending on natural conditions)

  • 2 sessions of functional training

  • 3 sessions of video coaching

  • 2 massage sessions

  • SPA time

  • All surf material

  • Transfers to the beach

  • Theory lesson

  • Personal evaluation/development plan

  • Visit to local restaurants


Arrival, Reception;


Breakfast, Meet and Greet, 1st Surf Session, Video Analysis, Evaluation Plan, Theory Lesson (Waves and Predictions);


Breakfast, 2nd Surf Session, Video Analysis, Functional Training;


Breakfast, 3rd Surf Session, Massage and SPA;


Off Day;


Breakfast, 4th Surf Session, Video Analysis, Functional Training, Evaluation Plan;


Breakfast, 5th Surf Session, Massage and SPA.

  • Live and feel the place where the land meets the ocean and where you will find the best waves the Algarve has to offer;

  • Improve your surfing level, technic and skills;

  • Take advantage of the functional training to complement your surf training and progress faster;

  • Use our Spa area , Sauna, Jacuzzi, to feel energised to keep improving your surfing skills;

  • Fast physical and mental recovery from surf, through massage;

  • Get your goals and difficulties noted in your evaluation plan so that all your training and development will be structured in accordance with it, working then every skill you need to improve.

Skills to be developed by students:
  • Gain a solid understanding of basic surf strategies;

  • Have more focus on technique vs instinct;

  • Be able to face early stages of wave catching and stand up;

  • Gain more control and proper understanding of their position on the board;

  • Able to start basic turning.

How Much?


€2800 for one week.

This is all-inclusive. Your only other cost will be lunch and dinner on the Wednesday (which is your mid-week break from coaching and your chance to explore the town). 


€3900 for one week. As a solo surfer guest, you can bring your non-surfing partner with you for an additional €1100, so that’s €3900 in total for both of you.


€4900 for one week for a couple, so that’s €2450 per person. This is where both people are surfing with us. (Please be aware that regrettably is not possible to book this package then cancel one spot and come as a solo surfer. The reservation must either be paid in full or canceled entirely.)

*Price for non surfing partner includes:

  • Spa

  • Massages

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Beach Transfers

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