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International Surf School - Sagres, in partnership with Active4Surf, is proud to announce a week retreat of intensive surf training, for Intermediate/Advanced surfers, limited and dedicated to 4 students only and including 30 contact hours.

What's Included?
  • 7 nights accommodation

  • 2 meals a day and a full snack to take to the beach (except Thursday, day off)

  • 2 hours of surf lesson per day with International Surf School (depending on natural conditions)

  • 5 sessions of video coaching

  • 5 sessions of functional coaching

  • 2hr Theory Lesson

  • SPA time

  • All surf material

  • Transfers to the beach

  • Personal evaluation/development plan

  • Visit to local restaurants


Arrival, Reception;


Breakfast, Meet and Greet, 1st Surf Session, Video Analysis, Evaluation Plan, Technical Training, SPA;


Breakfast, 2nd Surf Session, Theory Lesson, Video Analysis, Technical Training, SPA;


Breakfast, 3rd Surf Session, Video Analysis, Theory Lesson, Technical Training, SPA;


Off Day;


Breakfast, 4th Surf Session, Video Analysis, Technical Training, SPA;


Breakfast, 5th Surf Session, Video Analysis, Technical Training, Final Report/Development Plan, session of Massage and SPA.

Who is this week for:

To fully enjoy and benefit from this week, surfers should already have some experience surfing green waves, as well as being able to catch their own waves.
Also more advanced surfers looking to refine specific techniques of their surfing, or looking for a path to continue their surfing evolution will also have a lot to gain from this experience.


Whether you're just starting to surf by yourself, or you feel like you got stuck in your progress and you're not really sure why or how to continue evolving, this week is designed to set a clear short to medium term path that you can follow on your own.
We want to make you able to choose the best spot and conditions for you, according to the forecast, if you still can't do it alone. We want to help you analyze your decisions while surfing, be it at wave selection, turn selection, line, etc.
We want to teach you the key points of whatever skill you need to improve. Bottom turn is not on point? Your backside needs work? Can’t really carve? Missing too many take-offs?
We have solutions for your problems, and we have the facilities with the proper equipment to make this week a turning point in your surfing. 

How Much?


€3200 for one week.

This is all-inclusive. Your only other cost will be lunch and dinner on the Thursday (which is your mid-week break from coaching and your chance to explore the town). 


€4400 for one week. As a solo surfer guest, you can bring your non-surfing partner with you for an additional €1200, so that’s €4400 in total for both of you.


€5600 for one week for a couple, so that’s €2800 per person. This is where both people are surfing with us. (Please be aware that regrettably is not possible to book this package then cancel one spot and come as a solo surfer. The reservation must either be paid in full or canceled entirely.)

*Price for non surfing partner includes:

  • Spa

  • Massages

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Beach Transfers

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