Having the right equipment under your feet can make a huge difference in your surfing.

Each year we check out the newest boards and wetsuits on the market and try to take a selection that we feel are the best of the best - from hardboards to softboards, and great fitting wetsuits. 

Check below for more information about the kit that we're using at the moment.


We have a huge selection of boards at the school; from 9'0 longboards, down to small and feisty fishes - with everything in between.

Brand new for 2020 we have some fresh Lib Tech x Lost and Torq high performance boards for you to get your hands on.


We all love a good softie! And we're dedicated to using only the best. These are the boards you'll spend most of your time learning on so it's super important they're up to the task. Not only hard wearing and forgiving, but capable of performing properly and allowing you to progress. We use premium Ocean & Earth soft boards that can really manage the job. If you need proof,  just come and watch Rafa snap 8'0 of foam off the lip.


Wetsuits have a tough job. They're used day in and day out, and if they can't keep you warm whilst giving you the movement you need, then they're not for us. We've gone with Ocean & Earth again for our rental and school suits as they've proved to be the most comfortable and hard wearing suit we could find.

If you have any question about the equipment, feel free to drop us an email. Just click right here.

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    Located just a few hundred metres from both of the main beaches in Sagres, our surf camp is the ideal place to stay. We don't want to be your typical hostel - our rooms have a maximum of 2/3 people, we've decorated with upcycled furniture and handmade artwork from staff and guests alike. We're working hard on becoming as eco friendly as possible - cutting out plastic waste, sourcing local food and ingredients for your breakfast, and using as many environmentally friendly alternative products as we can. A home away from home.   

  • The International Surf School team has seen a few changes since 2001 - and we continue to strive to offer the best tuition, experience, and accommodation that we can. Today, we're proud to have the team that we do and hope you're as excited about meeting them as we are to have them on board. They all live and breathe the ocean and love to share their passion for the waves and the local area with you. Check out The Team page to find out a little bit more about everybody.

  • Lessons are great by them selves, but when you couple if with a stay at our surf camp - not much is better than that. We've put together some packages that include accommodation at the camp, breakfast each morning, and lessons for the week. Everything you could need all tied up nicely with a bow*. You can choose from group lessons, 3 or 5 days, or one of our surf courses - including video analysis and smaller group sizes.

    *bow is metaphorical and not included in surf package.