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Jeep with boards used in the surf courses in a wild beach in Sagres Portugal
Surf Course theory in the sand before practice in water in Sagres Portugal
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video analysis is included in the surf courses of International Surf School Sagres
Surf instructor included in the surf course in Sagres Portugal
Maximum of 4 students per surf teacher in the surf courses
surfboard and wetsuit included in the surf course
jeep used in surf courses
valuation form used in surf courses

In order to maximise your improvements, we’ll have video analysis and an evaluation plan to give you a greater surf awareness. 

The lessons last approximately 2 hours a day, in a group of maximum 4 people, with similar levels, in order to give more opportunity for feedback and development.

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3 and 5 days Surf Courses: start at Mondays

3 days Surf Courses are also avaiable to start on Thursdays

If this doesn't quite work for you, just let us know on the booking form

To add accommodation to your Surf Course click here



Our surf courses are all about having fun and progressing. We'll help you to focus in on the proper technique to improve your surfing.
We'll take you to the best waves at the best times to really get the most out of the session and also help develop your understanding of how the waves work.


One of the most useful learning aids is video analysis. Being able to see the points you need to focus on really helps develop an understanding and push improvement.

We run Surf Courses over both 3 and 5 days, so we'll add an extra session of video for those staying with us for the full 5 days.

Surf teacher doing video analysis is Sagres Portugal
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We only take a maximum of 4 students of a similar level per group on our courses. This allows the surf instructor to dedicate more time to each individual and cater to what they need to work on.

He'll be able to provide more personalised feedback to each member of the group and really help drive your progression.

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