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A Private Surf Lesson is ideal if you´re looking to make the most out of your time.

Exclusive undivided attention on you, with a lesson tailored to your needs, at the time and place that better suits your skills, which will make you achieve your goals faster.

Perfect for beginners to have a quick start, but also if you´re stuck on an intermediate plateau and want to push your performance.​

Our teachers will be quick to understand exactly what you need to improve, and how to do it, at whatever stage you might be at the moment.

The lessons will have a theoretical and a practical part, adjusted to your needs.


With a Private Lesson Plus you will also receive video analysis and a comprehensive evaluation plan.Those will help you see and understand better on what points you´ll need to focus to keep improving and let you know at what stage you are and what your next steps will be.

Book Private Surfing Lesson Sagres International Surf Sagres


All year

  • Private instructor

  • 2 hour lesson




All year

  • Private instructor

  • 2 hour lesson

  • Video analysis

  • Evaluation plan