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A 5 day surf course of intensive surf coaching, within a small group of up to 4 people, custom tailored to your surfing level.


These courses are aimed for those surfers, who can already catch their own waves, go left or right, and do basic turns in waist to head high waves.


Our goal with this course is to initially access your main strengths and weaknesses, and from then on establish a personalized training plan, designed to not only improve your general surfing skills, but also to show you the next steps of your development.

We´ll cover all the aspects that you should master in order to keep progressing on your own by:

  • Keeping track of your technique and progress with video analysis sessions;

  • Enabling you to decide on your own when and where to surf, by mastering surf forecasts;

  • Understanding board design, and how different conditions require different boards;

  • Understanding how different waves require different approaches, regarding on how to surf them;


By the end of this week, we want you to not only feel like you have improved your surfing skills, but also feel like you have a deeper understanding of all the different factors of surfing and how to connect them together, as well as a clear idea of what your NEXT STEP is.


In order to better understand your previous experience, please tell us more about you.

please let us know your skills

15-19 APRIL

27-31 MAY 


​Intensive surf course for intermediate /advanced surfers

  • Small groups (máx. 4). Allows for even more attention on you.

  • Video Analysis (3 sessions)

  • High focus on technique biomechanics

  • Surf theory and forecasting classes

  • Personalized development plan​.                                                                                                      449 €